Enter with the right foot!

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Hope you all enter with the right feet, which is the right one. And all you are already armed with new thing and borrowed one, and a blue briefs!

Here the table is set, the desserts already prepared, and the food almost ready. Just the bath is missing (ehehe)


So, I told you I had a good notice, and a bad notice.


The good news I that Sleeping With a Cat is changing home, so were are moving to blogspot. I have already a cozy home prepared, really neat. See link below and start following my new “home”.

The bad news: I couldn’t keep the same name, Sleeping with a Cat, basically because I made a mess up when creating, I mixed login counts.So the new name is The Daily Miacis. FYI; Miacis is the ancestor of the felines. There you have, the Daily Miacis. Hope you all like it, because I already feel it like home.


Kisses and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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